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Cooperation Models

Cooperation Models


  • It is an ideal solution if you need a specialist at your company with specific skills for a specified period of time – both in short and long term.

Team Leasing

  • We can support you with a complete expert team along with the Team Leader. We will flexibly adapt to your needs. We can work both from our office (in-house) and at your premises! You gain qualified staff, transfer of formal and legal responsibility and a team perfectly adapted to your needs! You get fast building of cross-functional teams with needed skills and expertise!

Projects (Fixed Price and Time & Material)

  • Agile/Scrum Projects
  • Fixed Price (Payment Milestones)
  • Time & Materials (hourly, daily or monthly rate)

Managed Services

  • Monthly fee with SLA (subscription fee)
  • KPI based fees (variable fee component)
Specialist OutsourcingTeam LeasingProjects
StaffingClient & Key SolutionsClient & Key SolutionsKey Solutions
Capacity ManagementClientClient or Client & Key SolutionsKey Solutions
Task & Scope ManagementClientClient or Client & Key SolutionsKey Solutions
Billing ModelsTime & Materials:
Hourly, daily or monthly rate
Fixed price
(Payment Milestones)