Relocation Package

Relocation Package

Being a part of the Kämmerer Group, we are able to constantly participate in fantastic international ventures from the automotive, aviation or railway industry. The United States, China, India, Sweden, Austria or Germany are wide open for you! Join us and become an important part of the global project! We want to be your path to innovation!

If you decide to work in Germany, we will help you to quickly feel settled in the new conditions. Check our relocation package, which we have prepared for you:

  • You receive 1500 euros for a good start
  • We pay for your apartment in the first month
  • We cover the deposit fee for your apartment
  • We pay for your car in the first month
  • We help you in formal matters related to organisation of your stay and work abroad

Forms of cooperation

You can choose the best, in your opinion, form of cooperation with us. At Key Solutions we focus on the work comfort of our team.

  • Employment contract
  • Freelance
  • ANU