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CATIA® is the flagship product of Dassault Systemes. This CAD software is leading on the market in the engineering industry.

CATIA®, further developed as a 3D Experience, is a tool with an established position, developed work methodology and high degree of reliability

Team cooperation ensures, in a fully secured work environment, a direct access to virtual information about the CATIA® environment product and predefining the product information for the purposes of management and re-use of existing knowledge resources.

CATIA® ensures fast modelling based on the use of the previous knowledge. CATIA® is a unique system to store and reuse knowledge that increases innovation and enables quick changes in projects. Thanks to CATIA®, the user is able to create products – from simple to very advanced ones – using a special CATIA modeller. The product of Dassault Systemes enables to create complete drawings with the use of the product leading on the market that is fully combined with 3D. The characteristic feature of CATIA® is simple, fully interactive making of joint decisions due to a continuous access to shared versions of the project.

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