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Our offer CAD/PLM

Our Offer CAD/PLM

Key Solutions is a Certified Partner in CAD/CAM CATIA system deployments as well as in deployment of PLM ENOVIA system of Dassault Systemes.

When you get the necessary software from us, you receive a product quality guarantee from a CATIA® distributor.

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What is CAD?

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is software that supports creation of 2D and 3D graphic representations of objects. In the process of designing industrial systems and CAD products, it is used to create 3D solid models or surface physical components. The scope of CAD also includes mapping of designs, database management and all kinds of simulations (visualizations, animations).

What is PLM?

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is information management system, which synchronizes data, processes, business systems and people in the company. PLM enables data administration at the enterprise level from the conceptual phase through the design, creation and operation to disposal, thereby covering the entire product life cycle. PLM is an essential tool to implement innovation in the enterprise.

CAD/PLM Systems

Catia (Dassault Systemes)

CATIA® is the flagship product of Dassault Systemes. This CAD software is leading on the market in the engineering industry. CATIA®, further developed as a 3D Experience, is a tool with an established position, developed work methodology and high degree of reliability.

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Enovia PLM

Enovia PLM is used to manage product lifecycle. It is designed for both small design offices and large manufacturing enterprises. With Enovia PLM, an expanded organization is able to function as one cohesive organism due to ability to consolidate various data systems.

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3DEXPERIENCE is a PLM platform providing software solutions in the organization: from marketing, through sales to engineering. The product of Dassault Systemes has been extended by a business platform. 3DEXPERIENCE allows you to work with all tools of Dassault Systemes in one program. An undeniable advantage of the platform is a user-friendly interface, which enables quick adaptation of the new user to the work environment. 3DEXPERIENCE can be provided to customers to enable them to make current changes inside the application.

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Delmia, tightly integrated with 3DExperience, enables virtual control over production processes such as defining, planning, creating, and monitoring. Another product of Dassault Systemes combines the virtual and the real world. Delmia unifies the process of all stakeholders’ participation in the project, regardless of the level of their knowledge, due to which it generates production efficiency. The software enables to create virtual machines such as, inter alia, milling machines, lathes, mill turn machines or complex multitasking machine tools, as well as to create accessories together with the kinematics.

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Simulia speeds up the process of assessing the performance, safety and reliability of objects before starting the process of creating physical prototypes. The realistic simulation established by Simulia increases product efficiency, which significantly drives innovation.

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Q-Checker is a system used to validate the design of the model and repair any possible errors. The ability to create profiles enables to control, inter alia, testing of geometry, norms and standards and the work methodology.

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myPLM is a tool for management and administration of CAx applications, including CATIA® V5, CATIA® V6, Siemens NX, CREO, Solid Works or Inventor. myPLM enables to develop special versions, releases, supplements, hotfixes and licenses. Intuitive configuration of the user management system in myPLM offers the perspective to control diversified environments – of a specific customer and user.

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xCompare is an excellent tool used to compare CATIA® V5, SMG and JT files. It has been designed to search for differences in two versions of models, parts and drawings. It verifies whether the model meets the minimum quality requirements and examines the stages of model modification. It also allows to check the model after conversion between different CAx environments.

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CAVA is a system integrated with CATIA® V4, V6/3DExperience, which was created in response to the need to improve the processes connected with project verification in terms of type approval. CAVA is a product that was created as a result of TECHNIA TRANSCAT cooperation with the German car manufacturers. CAVA is used to verify the international standards such as: ECE, EEC, FMVSS and SAE. In addition, this tool enables to create your own verification profiles.

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CATIA Training

Key Solutions provides comprehensive CATIA® training. We are certified as an Education Partner of Dassault Systemes – the producer of CATIA®. We specialize in CAD functionality training.
We ourselves use CATIA® on a regular basis, therefore we have practical comprehensive knowledge about the product.

Our strengths:

  • Trainers holding Dassault Systemes certification for CATIA® training
  • Experience in design for the leading manufacturers of the automotive industry
    • Two training centres – in Wrocław and Katowice – equipped with workstations certified for CATIA® training
  • Tailored training on CATIA® revisions defined by the Customer
  • We provide CATIA® training on environments dedicated to individual OEMs (VW, BMW, etc.)
  • Mobility – we have a mobile training room that enables to conduct CATIA® training in a chosen place – your company, chosen conference room at a hotel, a dedicated training room
  • Specialization – we are able to introduce you to CATIA® V5/V6 at a basic level, at advanced specialist level, as well as at the level of work methodology in dedicated environments in the automotive industry
  • Knowledge – we are supported by examples (case studies) of positive CATIA® deployments by engineers of the Kämmerer Group
  • Expert advice – we solve current problems, provide consultation and offer support

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3D Manipulators

As a CATIA® distributor, we comprehensively prepare the work environment for the designer. Properly-adapted manipulators are an important element enabling comfortable synchronization with the CAD software.

We recommend the work with two hands using the mouse CadMouse 3Dconnexion and 3D 3Dconnexion (SpaceMouse Pro or SpaceNavigator). This form of activity considerably speeds up the work and gives comfort to the user. With 3D mouse, the user is able to freely change the view or position of the object on which he works. In turn, the CadMouse creates and selects the options.

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IT Equipment

At Key Solutions, we know the importance of the accessories when working with CATIA®. We pick a workstation customized to profiled Customer needs in order to enable the work with CATIA®. Thanks to many years of experience in cooperation with the CATIA® manufacturer – Dassault Systemes – and manufacturers of HP and Dell computers, we are able to provide you with a complete, custom-made, stationary or mobile station.

Everything for your comfort – and work efficiency.

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Design Services

Key Solutions has experience at every stage of product development: from concept through serial production to implementation and optimization of the product and production.

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